Do Air Ducts Need to be Sealed? - A Comprehensive Guide

To guarantee that air does not escape and cause energy loss, it is essential to seal the ducts along the entire duct system. Air leaks in the duct system can lead to a great deal of energy and money being wasted, particularly in larger systems in commercial buildings. Surprisingly, well-sealed air ducts can help reduce energy consumption. This implies that the air conditioner will reach the intended room, will not leak into the attic and will not force the air conditioning system to work harder than it should.

The advantages of using less energy are numerous. Generally, the best way to seal ducts is to hire a professional to internally seal the entire duct system. However, if your ducts are accessible and you are a DIY enthusiast, you can buy putty, clean the outside of the air ducts and apply putty. If you notice any signs of duct leaks, call Schmidt Mechanical to have them repaired. Since ducts are often hidden in walls, ceilings, attics and basements, repairing them can be difficult.

In addition to helping to seal air ducts, Filterbuy LOCAL offers premium duct cleaning and professional dryer rack cleaning services as part of a comprehensive indoor air solution. While there are many other measures needed to ensure that you're doing everything you can to achieve the best possible indoor air quality, an air duct seal is a good starting point. The benefits of doing so are numerous and extremely valuable, so sealing your air ducts is one of the best investments you can make for both your home comfort and your energy consumption. If you have already done all the repairs but the ducts are still leaking, call Schmidt Mechanical to help you seal the ducts so your home stays comfortable all year round. This specialized liquid is then dried to form a clean, hypoallergenic seal that prevents air loss from small leaks and stops the formation of mold and mildew to significantly improve air quality.

If your air ducts are not properly sealed, you run the risk of these harmful gases reaching your home through “contrary air currents” instead of being safely eliminated. If you have any questions about the air duct sealing process or want to learn more about how to keep your home heating and cooling system running in optimal condition, the experts at Filterbuy LOCAL are always here to help. If you're looking for an easy solution that will make a big difference to your home's heating and cooling system, sealing the air ducts is what you need. The ingress of combustible gases is not the only threat to indoor air quality that occurs when ducts are poorly sealed. Sealing your own ducts is definitely a DIY project if you don't mind putting in a little effort and getting dirty.

Sealing air ducts is a small but significant step in reducing energy consumption and controlling your own energy needs. The technician uses a specialized application tool to spray the outside of the air ducts with a fine liquid that reacts with air in the attic or around the house. The by-products of combustion include carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide, in addition to heat, water vapor and excess air. A typical home loses 20-30% of the air that passes through its duct system due to leaks, holes and faulty connections.

Sealing your own air ducts is an easy way to save money on energy bills while also improving indoor air quality. It is important to remember that sealing your own air ducts should only be done if they are accessible and if you feel comfortable doing so. If not, it is best to hire a professional who can do it safely and correctly.