Aeroseal Duct Sealing: Is It the Right Choice for You?

When it comes to controlling indoor temperature, humidity, and airflow, having a strong seal is essential. So, even if you only pay the cost of sealing ducts with Aeroseal, that money will also go toward keeping your heating and air conditioning working effectively. Its ingredients are those commonly found in hairspray and chewing gum, making it very safe. Organizations that only use Aeroseal may make you think that it offers a much better seal on leaking ducts.

The truth is that since Aeroseal seals the ducts from the inside, we don't need access to the ducts to seal them. Therefore, Aeroseal is more suitable for homes with inaccessible ducts. For these types of homes, Aeroseal is a better option compared to manually sealing ducts.

However, the ducts in those houses still need to be manually sealed when feasible.

Sealing commercial ducts with Aeroseal can eliminate odors and prevent them from circulating throughout the space.

According to the U. S. Department of Energy, repairing air ducts is one of the most important and beneficial ways to improve energy consumption. Aeroseal is essentially a duct sealing solution that aims to make heating and cooling equipment more efficient.

Some of the air conditioner escapes from the duct system, while the rest reaches the bedrooms, kitchen, living room, and other parts of the house. The sealing particles reach the leak points (voids, joints) of the duct network, are fixed to the edge of the opening and begin to form a seal. Having ducts properly sealed can also reduce utility and energy costs, since the air conditioning system won't have to work as hard. Aeroseal spray expels a mist of specialized material that adheres to and seals holes and leaks in air ducts.

Having the ducts properly sealed can balance the air temperature in your home, since the air can reach all the rooms and create a more comfortable living space. Therefore, the warranty, which is one of the strongest in the industry, covers contractors for 10 years to cover parts and labor in case of a failure in the Aeroseal seal. However, Aeroseal seals have proven to last for decades. These air systems use a duct system to channel hot or cold air to living spaces throughout the house.

The sealing particles go to the leak points (joints, joints, voids) of the duct network, adhere to the edge of the opening and begin to form a seal. Your local heating, ventilation, and air conditioning or home service contractor can better tell you if it's important to clean ducts before sealing them. This is part two of questions both homeowners and contractors ask us about sealing Aeroseal ducts in homes. The inner surfaces of the duct must not be wet or retain standing water, as the joints will soften and deteriorate over time if they come into contact with or are submerged in water.

Yes, Aeroseal can be used to seal sheet metal HVAC ducts enclosed in concrete slabs under the right conditions.